The game takes place on the fictional planet of Nexus after a powerful and mysterious race called the Eldan suddenly disappeared. Like Tera and Neverwinter , WildStar features action-oriented combat where players must individually aim their attacks and skills, which makes combat feel more satisfying and skill-based. Explore the mysterious planet Nexus while fighting for survival in WildStar. Stake your claim on the ancient planet that used to be home to the Eldan, an ancient and powerful race. Problem is, everything on the planet is out to get you! Pledge your allegiance to one of two factions each with their own motives. Choose from unique classes as you fight for survival in one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy. Follow your chosen path as a Soldier, Settler, Scientist, or Explorer, each with their own perks and benefits and side quests.

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Enjoy below. Have a look below. Wildstar is expected to launch later this year. The star billing is shared by the new Tourmaline Desert and Jagermech, but a new Testing Grounds area has been added, too, allowing you to check out new gear and features before wandering into battle. You may want to take advantage of […].

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Warplots are an aspect of elder-game content where players are given the ability to build their very own PvP battlefields. When players reach max level, they are given their first Warplot for free, but each additional Warplot will have a cost associated. With a Warplot, players are able to customize the terrain, walls and structures, deployable items, and even enemies that will defend your Warplot.

Through adventuring and raiding, players will accrue items to customize their Warplots. A recently defeated raid boss could be added to your Warplot, but keep in mind that this boss will be significantly weaker as a Warplot defender and it will require a certain amount of points to assign. Players can use a variety of strategy in customizing their Warplot, but they will also need to factor in player strategies and team play to survive out there.

Warplot battles can only occur once the owner of the Warplot agrees to the battle. These battles can be entered through a Matchmaking system.

Patch 07/14/2016

Welcome to level 50, cupcake. Leveling guides are behind us, but the question is: what now? The answers are given in our comprehensive guide that covers activities and new or redesigned current features available for both PvE and PvP endgame content. So, lets start.

An overhaul to matchmaking is one of the major highlights. Rather the new matchmaking algorithm will affect all aspects of PVP. Wondering why Wildstar, ESO and Archeage aren’t as popular as they were hyped to be?

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Matchmaking Wildstar

By Calayne , May 25, in Off Topic. I’ve just recently checked out Wildstar, courtesy of Penny-Arcade. An interesting thing to note about this game is the rather large amount of features, and what seems to be a distinct focus on skill-based gameplay. What impresses me, though, is that it seems to be a rather complete, very cohesively written story.

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Wildstar should never have come to this point, right from the start Wildstar was oozing quality from every pore, it felt like a triple-A MMORPG from the loading screen onwards, with amazing graphics and sound design, interesting world design, one of the best if not the best combat systems I have ever seen in any MMO, slated as a WOW killer was overkill, but as a serious rival to WOW, Wildstar should have filled that role. Recommended Deals.

Xbox Game Pass , an ever-growing catalogue of over games that is a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games, including day one access to all Microsoft first party titles, for just a few dollars a month. Platforms : PC. Disclaimer : We are affiliates of several retailers linked on this website and receive commission based on purchases via those links, however the content of our reviews is not influenced by this commission, and we report honestly on a products flaws. Why did Wildstar Die? The Tragedy of Wildstar Wildstar should never have come to this point, right from the start Wildstar was oozing quality from every pore, it felt like a triple-A MMORPG from the loading screen onwards, with amazing graphics and sound design, interesting world design, one of the best if not the best combat systems I have ever seen in any MMO, slated as a WOW killer was overkill, but as a serious rival to WOW, Wildstar should have filled that role.

This led to a shrinking player base that made it worse for those that remained Still worth a play?

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Way to go Carbine! Therefore, the win rewards 10 players on the winning side, but more than 10 players may be credited with a loss, especially in a faceroll loss where the bailout rate is high. This week, I dropped I lost 45 points from 2 losses where I joined mid-match and our side was getting stomped. If you are in a guild or friends with people who are , especially Warriors and DPS Spellslingers, you can benefit from them carrying you. I soloed my way up to rating within 3 days of reaching I can also anticipate that some folks will say: the upcoming progressive rating requirements for gear will help the PVP situation!

Sure, we made them work for it, but they had a faceroll advantage due to gear differentials:. The kicker of the above screenshot was the loss dinged my rating by 20 points. Minus 20 points for a loss against that premade with that gear? But games should never be about having to play the FOTM to be viable. But the real culprits — gear differentials, crappy MM, crappy ELO calculations — will still be there.

Wild Star (Alaska Wild Nights Book 7)

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The matchmaking (MM) system pairs blue-geared players up against and geared players; You tend to lose more rating from a loss.

Search the site: Search. NCSoft Official Site. By Gareth Harmer on February 27, Columns 0. But it also comes with a risk. But, with changes like the recently announced UI revamp and future engine optimizations, the visual differences between the two games are likely to become more apparent. The next few months could contain a number of eye-opening changes as we sail closer to release. At first glance, both WildStar and World of Warcraft have similar art styles, although they originated from different places.

WildStar, on the other hand, looked to Pixar for their art inspiration, choosing bright colors and bold textures as the background for their game. Beyond that, both games have common elements that can be found in almost every other theme park MMO. Even so, the developers at Carbine including veterans from Blizzard, Turbine, Mythic and other MMO studios have been making strides to mix things up where possible in their quest to look for improvements or alternatives.

Matchmaking Wildstar

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The latest update for WildStar brings a meteoric-ton of new features and Implemented queuing for multiple types of matchmaking queues simultaneously.

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Wildstar PvP – second impressions of PvP after Drop 2 (Wildstar Warrior PvP)